• Fuzzy Necklace

    Yarn, Brass, Rubber.
  • Aqua Choker

    Aluminum, Epoxy, Synthetic Opal
  • Navy Choker

    Aluminum, Epoxy, Rubber, Synthetic Opal
  • Wave Choker

    Aluminum, Copper, Fused Glass, Epoxy
  • Wave Choker

  • Teal Necklace

    Enameled Copper, Fused Glass, Epoxy
  • Teal Necklace

  • "Diver Down" Ring

    Epoxy, glass
  • Helm Chain Belt

    Brass, Aluminum, Epoxy, Yarn
  • Steel Necklace

    Stainless Steel, Epoxy, Fused Glass
  • Love Ring

    Epoxy, Rubber Stamp
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Works on consignment at P. H. Mueller's Gallery in Hammond, IN

I started out making test pieces and smaller components to go into larger, 3d paintings. I was also looking to perfect my casting and finishing techniques with the epoxy material. The next thing I knew I was buying gemstones, making chain maille and learning how to fuse glass in my microwave. I'm not trained as a jeweler, but I am an artist who loves using the body as a canvas. These truly are tiny pieces of art you get to wear. And why not? Why limit art to walls or podiums? Wouldn't it be great to be a walking gallery?

Pieces are fun and colorful. I wear test them to make sure they do not scratch, tickle, or weigh too much. The epoxy I use is actually a nut-based eco-poxy (so I don't poison myself making this stuff). See more (a lot more!) pieces and more images on my Etsy page.

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