• Strange Angels For An Arrogant Era

    Acrylic, 20 x 30"
  • Morning In America

    Acrylic, 24 x 30"
  • Morning In America

    Acrylic, 24 x 30"
  • Cerebella, Patron Saint of Instinct

    Watercolor, 10 x 18", NFS
  • Early Design For Angels

    Graphite, Watercolor, 10 x 14"
  • Guardian Valkyrie

    Watercolor, 12 x 12", NFS
  • Holy Mother Of The Gut Feeling

    Watercolor, 2 x 3'
  • Wild Thing

    Acrylic, 18 x 24"
  • Water Angel

    Graphite, 10 x 14"
  • Virgin Of The Sea

    Watercolor, 18 x 24 "
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This is what happens when you raise a kid on 1970's advertising and Catholic iconography.

Before I knew the words for things and had done everything about 50,000 times, the world was full of monsters. Inexplicable shapes emerged from around corners. New adults, even those with kind intentions, were frightening creatures of big teeth and round glasses. I've been taking time to get back to that place where I surrender known explanations and let the strangeness emerge. Monsters merely represent that which lies beyond any known moral compass and challenges us to a new horizon. They pose no threat - unless you can die from laughter.

Monsters keep coming back in my work to bridge a gap between a childish sense that, beautiful or ugly, any outcome is a possible adventure and the adult whose social religiousity has a preference between "good" and "bad".

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